Welcome to Brookside Restaurant & Bar

Brookside Restaurant and Bar is a family owned operation serving the Rancho Cordova and surrounding areas.

At Brookside you will experience great food, a warm and inviting atmosphere and a place you can bring your family or come hang out after a long day at work. For a great time to remember, make sure to check out our event page.

Upcoming Events

february, 2016

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14jan - 12febjan 149:00 pmfeb 12KaraokeTime to Sing!
21jan - 19febjan 219:00 pmfeb 19KaraokeTime to Sing!
28jan - 26febjan 289:00 pmfeb 26KaraokeTime to Sing!
4feb - 4marfeb 49:00 pmmar 4KaraokeTime to Sing!
10feb - 11feb 106:00 pmfeb 11Game NightGame Night Fun.
11feb - 11marfeb 119:00 pmmar 11KaraokeTime to Sing!
13feb - 14feb 139:00 pmfeb 14KaraokeTime to Sing
14feb - 15feb 146:00 pmfeb 15Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
17feb - 18feb 176:00 pmfeb 18Game NightGame Night Fun.
18feb - 18marfeb 189:00 pmmar 18KaraokeTime to Sing!
20feb - 21feb 209:00 pmfeb 21KaraokeTime to Sing
21feb - 22feb 216:00 pmfeb 22Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
24feb - 25feb 246:00 pmfeb 25Game NightGame Night Fun.
25feb - 25marfeb 259:00 pmmar 25KaraokeTime to Sing!
27feb - 28feb 279:00 pmfeb 28KaraokeTime to Sing
28feb - 29feb 286:00 pmfeb 29Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio

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Super Bowl party! ...

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They can get the bar going SAL & MARIO ...

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These boots ain't made for walking 🎤 ...

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Order the bucket and get a free beer !!!! ...

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ATTENTION FRIENDS & SINGERS. KARAOKE with Charlene every Thursday night and Mark on Saturday Nights from 9:00 to 1:00 at the BROOKSIDE BAR & RESTAURANT. Located on 9819 Horn Rd off Folsom Blvd. Great Song Selection, Awesome Sound, Food & Drinks. Party Starts at 9:00. See You There !!!! ...

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