Welcome to Brookside Restaurant & Bar

Brookside Restaurant and Bar is a family owned operation serving the Rancho Cordova and surrounding areas.

At Brookside you will experience great food, a warm and inviting atmosphere and a place you can bring your family or come hang out after a long day at work. For a great time to remember, make sure to check out our event page.

Upcoming Events

september, 2015

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6aug - 4sepaug 69:00 pmsep 4KaraokeTime to Sing!
13aug - 11sepaug 139:00 pmsep 11KaraokeTime to Sing!
20aug - 18sepaug 209:00 pmsep 18KaraokeTime to Sing!
27aug - 25sepaug 279:00 pmsep 25KaraokeTime to Sing!
2sep - 3sep 26:00 pmsep 3Game NightGame Night Fun.
3sep - 2octsep 39:00 pmoct 2KaraokeTime to Sing!
5sep - 6sep 59:00 pmsep 6KaraokeTime to Sing
6sep - 7sep 66:00 pmsep 7Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
9sep - 10sep 96:00 pmsep 10Game NightGame Night Fun.
10sep - 9octsep 109:00 pmoct 9KaraokeTime to Sing!
12sep - 13sep 129:00 pmsep 13KaraokeTime to Sing
13sep - 14sep 136:00 pmsep 14Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
16sep - 17sep 166:00 pmsep 17Game NightGame Night Fun.
17sep - 16octsep 179:00 pmoct 16KaraokeTime to Sing!
19sep - 20sep 199:00 pmsep 20KaraokeTime to Sing
20sep - 21sep 206:00 pmsep 21Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
23sep - 24sep 236:00 pmsep 24Game NightGame Night Fun.
24sep - 23octsep 249:00 pmoct 23KaraokeTime to Sing!
26sep - 27sep 269:00 pmsep 27KaraokeTime to Sing
27sep - 28sep 276:00 pmsep 28Open Mic Jam SessionCome jam out with us on our patio
30sep - 1octsep 306:00 pmoct 1- 2:00 amGame NightGame Night Fun.

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Football season is upon us and we have the ticket! Come see all of your favorite teams here. ...

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Karaoke tonight

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Karaoke tonight ...

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